How to be Healed from Stage IV Cancer Healed

This video talks about How to be Healed from Stage IV Cancer Healed. There is nothing impossible with God. With God all things are possible to them that believe. Whatever you need from God today, he will take care of it. We simply have to believe the word. The word of[…]

Why is life so hard sometimes?

One of the questions that people may ask and this is something that you may be asking yourself, Why is life so hard sometimes? Have you ever asked yourself the question. Have you ever even asked God why things in your life seemed to be in such disarray? I will[…]

Prayer for healing from cancer

I came across this video tonight, about a lady who needs healing for cancer. I thought I would share with you and we can stand in agreement with her, at the power of God would touch her life then we speak healing to her body and we speak the manifestation[…]