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This page is dedicated to those who fill led by God to donate to this ministry. The funds received will be used to run the website cost and the prayer line cost.

One thing, I truly believe as a Christian is that if something is of God, you do not need to beg. God is my source and I know that he will provide. Below is a PayPal link that you can donate directly to this ministry and you can be sure that your donation will be used for what I said it would be.

I pray that God will richly bless you.

You can write to as as well.

Frank Wyatt Ministries

67 West Hebble Ave


Fairborn, Ohio 45324

 One thing that we would really like to do soon is to get on a local radio station. I have a history of radio programs and teach in the word of God. I believe the time is upon me again to do this. There’s a local radio station where I can get a weekly 15-minute program for $20 a week.The name of the radio station is oldies 97.3 in Huber Heights Ohio I believe in being very transparent and open and honest.

After this I would like to maybe go on another radio station, but we must start somewhere. My heart’s desire is to teach people the greatness of God’s word and see them changed by the power of the word of God. The name of the radio broadcast that I believe God has given me is, power in the word.