Christian Single News

November 21, 2018
Where are the single men that love Jesus. As a single lady you may be finding it difficult to find a man that truly loves Jesus Christ with all of his heart. A man who loves Jesus Christ is going to be somebody who stands out from others. He’s going to be a man with great integrity and great love for his fellow man. A man that loves Jesus with all of his heart is someone who strives to put God first in everything that he does.

Men who love the Lord are a beautiful blessing sent from above.This man will amaze you with his faith and pursue your heart in the most graceful fashion. These men will pray for you and your relationship, respect you in ways other boys can’t even begin to comprehend, and love you in a way that is so pure. A man with Christ in his heart will push you to become a better Christian and will hold you to the standard to be a Christian women as mentioned in Proverbs 31. His heart is full of pure intentions for you and the future of your relationship. This man will pursue the most holy and pure love there is: agape.

Trust me, men like this are worth the wait, ladies. He will continue to amaze you with his passion for the Lord and his love for you.


This part of our website is dedicated to finding other Christian singles for fellowship and encouragement. Going to be talking about topics that are related to Christian singles. It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman, God wants you to be complete in him first. God has to be first in our lives in order for us to have the other healthy relationships.