Where are all the single men that love Jesus?

There are some men who need to remain single. They had not gotten there priorities in line. No relationship can work in less a man puts God first in everything that he strives to do. The word of God says but seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you. No man or even no woman can love another unless they are putting God first in everything they do. Real men do love Jesus first. Most women of God are looking for somebody who is committed to God and his son Jesus Christ and lives out that life in every day actions.

Do some men need to consider remaining single, celibate and getting a dog?
I ask because in this age if the best way for a married heterosexual man to relate to his wife is through demanding “submission,” then I think he might want to consider leaving the institution alone.
If he needs obedience and submission so badly, he can adopt a dog and binge watch classics of Dog Whisperer to make it happen.

Now you might wonder, why celibacy?

Since many Christian men seemed to be invested in using religion to control all aspects of women’s bodies, then I invite them to be just as willing to control themselves.

Last week, a two-day long disagreement with my husband reminded me of the issue of submission.
Yes, the discussion lasted two days because some issues do not get resolved in one quick fireside chat.
Heck, sometimes you need to stop, eat, do life, do the hokie pokie and turn yourself around with a fresher perspective.

During our discussion, my husband did not use “submit” and “obey” as some manipulative way of getting his way.

He did not bring it up at all, and being the Bibleless woman that I am in this season, I thought about how he does not spend time in our relationship demanding submission- a concept I have been taught about for years in different churches.

from: https://www.patheos.com/blogs/raceandgrace/2018/11/marriage-and-submission-do-some-men-need-to-remain-single-celibate-and-get-a-dog-days-134-140-of-quitting-the-bible/