Prayers for finding a husband

As a Christian single lady you may be looking for prayers for finding a husband. God has ordained marriage today. We have to look to him today to direct us in the path on finding the one that God has for you.

Here’s a story below about a woman asking her mom to help find the man that God may have for her.
My mum loves to remind me of how old she was when she gave birth to me (my age) and my dad seems to always forget he’s already told me about his friend’s daughter who’s younger than me and has two kids already. The message is crystal clear: get multiplying.

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ut nowadays, with my party shoes more often dusty than dancing, I’ve realised I actually have plenty of time to squeeze in a life-partner. Plus, my bins aren’t getting any lighter. So I swallowed my pride and turned to my mother Florence for help and advice on my new realisation. It was like Christmas had come early for her. “Finally,” she said, “Oya let’s go!” My mum moved from Nigeria to Blackburn in the early 1970s as part of an arranged marriage. She had never even met my dad before they were married – no kissing, no sexting, not even an awkward handshake. They wound up having eight kids.

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