How to find a answer to a overwhelming problem

The word is full of miracles that Jesus did, with the help of the Father.

Many times, we get complacent with the situations that we are experiencing in our life.

However, the word of God is truly the answer that we need for any situation that we might be experiencing.

We should not have to go through the school of hard knocks, because we can learn from the others and also get the wisdom that’s in the word of God.

We need to ask God to lead us and to guide us into all truth and as we do that are believing in God and are trusting God will increase, in a mighty and powerful way.

Many times people experience financial problems, relationship problems, family problems, work situations that seem impossible. The list I just gave is not inclusive, but is a trend that I hear a lot. I know many times I also hear about folks who are going through health problems.

The only thing that I know to be true is the word of God and the truth that’s in God’s word.

When you look at the book of Mark chapter 4 when there was a storm and the waves were eating into the ship, and that the ship was now full. As this was going on, Jesus was in the hinder part of the ship asleep. Verse 38 says the disciples will come up and they said to him Master, Karen found not that we perish? At this point Jesus arose, and he rebuked the when and he said unto the sea, Peace, be still. At that point the wind ceased, and there was a great calm.

Here the ship with Jesus and the disciples was getting ready to sink, then Jesus said unto the sea peace be still he also rebuked the wind.

Many times we need to go to the source of our problem. What is the root of our problem in our life?

There is nothing that God cannot do for you and me, we simply have to put into practice what the word of God says and trust him with all of our heart and lean not to our own understanding but in all of our ways we are to acknowledge him, and we do that he’s going to be able to direct our paths.

Below is a reference from the Andrew Wommack commentary Bible study software.

Jesus spoke peace to the storm. You can’t release what you don’t have. Jesus was at peace during the storm. If you don’t allow the storm to get inside of you, then you can still the storm. But if it gets on the inside of you, you’re sunk. The disciples weren’t at peace, so they couldn’t command peace. Jesus was so much at peace, He was asleep in the storm. The first step to stopping the storms we find ourselves in is to always be at peace. If Jesus would have only rebuked the wind, then it would have taken a little while for the sea to calm down naturally. But He also spoke peace to the sea. When we rebuke sickness, we also need to speak supernatural healing to the body. That will speed up the total manifestation.

It really is interesting that the first thing that Jesus did was to rebuke the wind and said on to the sea, peace be still.Think about when you rebuke something, this is the problem that you are experiencing. The next thing you need to do is speak peace to your problem because of what you are experiencing. For example, if you’re having financial problems, rebuke the financial problem and speak to your finances, speak to your checkbook. Does this make sense?

How do I believe God for my overwhelming problem

God loves you so much he cares about you

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