Why are we limiting God?

Why are we limiting God. Jesus paid the price for our healing of our bodies, just as much as he paid the price for the forgiveness of sins.

 There are many believers that are being taught that God does not heal today. This is really a slap in the face to God. The word of God says that God forgives all of our sins and heals all of our diseases.

There are times people only talk about the forgiveness of sins, but God wants us to take all his benefits. He wants us to have it all, not pick and choose what we think applies to us.

What would happen if you work at a company that provided benefits for the employees, and the example of use will be that you’ll take their medical benefits, but you’re going to turn down their vacation. The company would probably think that there’s something wrong with you and your coworkers will think that you’re crazy.

Why would you turn down something that’s being provided for you for free. What do you think God thinks when we don’t take him exactly at his word.

There are many Christians that are sincere, but you can be sincere and be sincerely wrong.

There was a man one time I heard that was preaching at a church. The church congregation was singing a song called how desperate they were for God.

God does not want us to be desperate for him, but he wants us to be in love with him. The more time you spend with God and his son Jesus, the more that you fall in love with them. Love is built over a period of time. God will never his love us any more today than he ever will. Our love for God can grow on a daily basis. We have to do the work and as we do he’ll bless us with many great things.

One of the things as believers we need to understand that God’s has already done everything he’s going to do for us.

He has healed us, prosperth us, delivered us and saved us.

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Why are we limiting God?



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