About Us

Welcome to By His Stripes ministries from Ohio. On this blog, we are going to update it daily and share it with the word of God. We want to encourage you and believe God with you for your miracle from God. Remember, there’s nothing too hard for God. With God, all things are possible to him that believes.

My name is Frank Wyatt from Ohio. My journey with God started at the Gospel Training and Outreach Center in Fairborn, Ohio. I knew Christ at a young age. However, I accepted him into my life in 1987.

I believe that Jesus Christ already paid the price for our Physical and Emotional healing. There are benefits to serving God. Healing is just one of them.

I want to invite you to call our prayer line, any time that you need prayer. You can call me at 1-937-210-4969, and I would be more than honored and privileged to stand in agreement with you in prayer. You can also email us your prayer request that prayer@frankwyatt.com.

You are loved, and God wants to do so much in your life. We have to trust him and take him at his word. If God said it, I believe it. We will stand forever.

If you need prayer, please comment below

How Can I Pray for you?

There is power in prayer. How can we pray for you? Is it a financial or a physical, emotional, job situation, or anything else that you need we will pray with you and stand in agreement with you for full deliverance from...

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