God wants us well and healed – May 22, 2019

The word of God is so powerful.

When we serve God there are benefits and serving God. Just as in a job we have benefits.

The word of God says in Psalms 103 that he heals all of our diseases and he forgives all of our iniquities.

There’s nothing that God will not do for me in you because we are his children.

Today God is in the healing business. He can heal any disease, including, sugar diabetes, asthma, ovarian cancer, liver disease, blood disease, Crohn’s disease, neurofibromatosis. There’s nothing that God cannot heal. This is because Jesus paid the price for healing and we can boldly say that by the stripes of Jesus we were healed. First Peter 2 – 24.

If you want prayer, you’re more than welcome to give me a call at 937-210-4969. You can also email me at prayer@frankwyatt.com and I would be more than glad to stand in agreement with you.

Father, I come to you tonight thinking you and praising you for Jesus, I think you for the word of God and I ask you to bless every person reading this blog and I ask you to meet their every need according to your word.
It’s not my are might but it’s by your power saith the Lord. Father physical healings, finances, employment problems, relationships and marriages I pray for restoration this day. There’s nothing impossible with you, because with you all things are possible to him that believes.

Father I love you and I bless you tonight thank you so much for all that you’re doing and all that you’re going to do in the days to come in Jesus name.

Have a fantastic Wednesday evening will talk to you on Thursday.

Remember God loves you and I love you.