How to Pray in Tongues for Healing

Today were going to be touching on How to Pray in Tongues for Healing. Sometimes as were waiting on are going to manifest, praying in tongues is so profitable, because we don’t know how to pray. We pray in tongues were talking on to God. Besides praying in tongues, we need to speak to our sickness and symptoms.

I wanted to remind you also that if you need prayer, give us a call at 937 – 550-6433.

I just wanted to encourage you all so that, that there’s nothing that God cannot do for you.

If you need healing, he’s healing right now. He’s already healed you. Not that he’s going to do it, but he has healed you. It settled, that’s according to the word of God.

As you’re waiting maybe for the manifestation of your healing, God’s Artie has already provided your healing, through Jesus Christ.



How to Pray in Tongues for Healing

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