Why is life so hard sometimes

One of the questions that people may ask and this is something that you may be asking yourself, why is life so hard sometimes? Have you ever asked yourself the question.

Have you ever even asked God why things in your life seemed to be in such disarray?

I will agree sometimes things don’t really make sense to us when everything in our life seems to be in shambles.

However, we have to understand that just as much as there is a God, there’s an adversary that is seeking to destroy us. John 10 – 10, says that the thief, is not but for to kill still in the story, Jesus says that he came that we might have life and have that life more than abundant.


Sometimes when we experience things in her life, such as issues dealing with her health, for example. We may have symptoms and pains that are really uncomfortable to deal with. This is when we have to put our faith in our trust in God more than ever.

We have to claim the promises that are in God’s word. We have to spend time with God. We have to enhance our relationship with God on a daily basis.

A lot of this has to do with us just, being quiet before him and listening to that sweet still small voice. It involves studying the word. I’m not telling you to go in study out 30 verses. God would rather have us spend time with one or two verses, and meditate upon them and he’s able to speak to us in ways that are truly amazing.


Sometimes we tell ourselves well when I get better I’ll serve God. I’ll tell you today from experience that will never get better. God has to be number one in our life.

I became a Christian in 1987 at a church in Fairborn Ohio, the Gospel Training and Outreach Center. They taught the word of God like I never have experienced before in my life. They showed me the love of God like I’ve never ever have experienced before.

That right there put me on a journey 30 years later. Again, I believe in the and totally transparent and honest. Have I’ve always done everything right? No, however I think God for the grace of God in second and third and fourth chances, and so on.

Today, I need God more than ever. I realize that my age that I still need to do better. I realize I need to have a deeper relationship with God, then I have at the present time.

As I’m writing this on this Tuesday, November 27, 2018, I want more of God. I want to be able to manifest his love and be real with those that I come in contact with.

I want to be real to the place where, I think of the word integrity, which means doing the right thing when nobody’s looking.

We get back quickly to my walk with God. Personally there’s healing that I need to experience in my life, whether it’s physical or emotional or whatever may be. God’s already done everything that he’s going to do for me. You may say, Frank, what do you mean? I need to claim my healing. I’m not telling you to deny your problem. However, I’m telling you we need to tell our problem how big our God is.

God already knows what you and I need. He knows if we need a physical healing, a financial miracle, situations on her job, family and friend help.

Sometimes are you ever around somebody where all they do is complain. There never happy about anything. I heard a story one time in I still use this when I deal with other people, it’s about a man that complained he didn’t have any shoes. Do you know when he stopped complaining? He stopped complaining when he met the man with no feet. To me that this puts everything in perspective.

There’s always somebody that’s worse off than us. Look at all the homeless people that are on streets these days, families living on the streets with their children. Single mothers and dad’s not knowing where their next meal’s going to come from and most and how are they can feed their kids.

If I was to ask you a question which you be honest with me?

What do you think your number one problem is?

Another way I can word it, would be, what do you need from God at this time right now.

You may come across this blog and got the worst news of your life. I understand that. I understand times when you just want to throw in the towel and say you know what I can do this anymore.

Then then we go right back and we recognize who our sources that’s God.

None of this really know what it’s like to be experiencing problems unless you walk in somebody’s shoes. Sometimes we get into the habit of judging other people. Who are we to judge. The Bible says in Matthew 7, judge not least ye be judged, with the same judgment ye judge ye shall be judged.

Have you received some bad news today, this week last year, or maybe you’ve been dealing with something all your life. Maybe you’re dealing with a heart that you experienced as a child and nobody knows it but you and God. You have to let that go this day. Because it’s hindering you and is holding you back from the things that God wants to do for you.

I know you may be saying Frank you don’t understand, you know I don’t understand but God understands and is things that I’ve experienced in my life, not talking about good and bad, that unless you love them you’ll never know what it’s like. Sometimes we don’t know the pain and the suffering that somebody’s experience in inside. However truly truly, truly, loves us today.

Today, on this talking to you from my heart. I’m not really sure where you’re at you could be here in Ohio you could be in another state or another country. God understands what you’re going through.

I just want to be used by God to help you. I’m talking to you. Today can be your day of deliverance and healing. You may feel like nobody cares. I want you to know that there is somebody that cares Jesus Christ in the heavenly father cares. I care for you.

I’m going to pray that God will send somebody in your life, that will be able to help you with your situation. The time is now, the time is now you don’t need to suffer with the depression and the anxiety that you’ve been experiencing. There’s true deliverance is found in a deep walk with God and his son Jesus Christ.

Yes, I know you’ve been told that before, but God is telling me to tell you that you are okay. God is telling you that he accepts you for who you are and that he loves you.

Yes, I know the last person that told you that, they walked out on you. Well God’s never going to walk out on you my dear friend. He accepts you for who you are and where you’re at.

I want to tell you of a Scripture that I find truly amazing, is found in Ephesians 3 – 20, now want to him that is able to do, exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works within us, by Christ Jesus.

If God is able to do something, that’s what it says in Ephesians 3 – 20, he’s going to do it. The will of God is the word of God. That settles it right there.

One final thing on my hard today is this. Don’t get your words are your value and another person. Because when you do that they will let you down every time. Your value comes from God.

I really think as I am writing this blog post, I’m talking to someone or maybe several people, don’t ever compromise your values. Don’t do things that make you feel cheap. Don’t do things that compromise your belief in your value system. If you have to compromise your values, just to get somebody to stay with you, that is not how God operates.

I truly believe today that God is wanting you to settle down he wants you to stop and listen to what he’s trying to tell you today. Would you be willing to do that today with me?

I want to pray with you right now and I’m went to pray that this Tuesday, November 27, 2018 is going to be one of the best days in your life, because you’re going to surrender hurts, pain, sadness and dissatisfaction that you have. I want you to write this day down that this is the day that, you settled your past in your heart and your pain with God.

Father, I think you are who you are. Father, I thank you for Jesus Christ and for the word that you have freely given us.

Father, I pray for the one who was struggling with addiction, alcoholism, heroin addiction, physical addiction, and father even for the ones who are struggling with their self-worth.

I pray that your are going to minister to them in a way where they understand. They understand your voice, because they want serve you and a long for that fellowship once again.

I pray for those who need physical healing and that we can truly claim that by the stripes of Jesus Christ that we are healed and that we can claim that healing through the word of God into the spoken word of God.

I thank you that your word is medicine to all of our flesh and that just as I would take a prescription in the natural, I’m taking your word is medicine and its bring and healing to my body.

I pray for those who are suffering emotionally, those who are even contemplating taking their own life, I find that spirit in the name of Jesus Christ. But I thank you that nothing is impossible with you. I pray for protection and I plead the blood of Jesus Christ around that person in Jesus name

I thank you for providing jobs for those who need jobs.

I thank you for meet and every financial need, pray for the mother who is wondering how she’s going to pay her rent, because her rent stew next month and she doesn’t know where she’s going to get the money. Father I pray that you make a way where there seems to be no way. You are the way maker I thank you for that father.

Father, I pray for the dad who has lost all contact with his kids and that you would just put a burning desire for him to be rekindled with his kids. The kids are longing for their dad and even the one he was acting out because the father is not in their life.

I just thank you for everything else father that you’re doing and most of all that you’re going to do.

Father we love you we thank you and we cannot cease to give you the praise and the honor and glory Jesus name, Amen.

My friends, if you need prayer feel free to give me a call on the prayer line, at 937 – 550-6433. I would be more than honor to pray with you and stand in agreement with you. If I don’t answer the phone, please leave me a message and I promise I will call you back.

This going to close today and tell you that I don’t know you, but I love you in Jesus Christ and I care about you and my earnest prayer today would be that you come to a deep walk with God and recognize how much he truly does love you. His love is not something you’ll ever find any human being. His love for you is unconditional.

Have a blessed day my friends.

What are your thoughts?